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Radium Weed to Treat Skin Cancer – Buy Radium Weed Plants

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A common weed that can easily be used to treat basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas

We often have groups come for morning tea and a tour around the herb garden. I enjoy walking around our herb garden and sharing information about the herbs that we grow.

I particularly like showing people the weedy herbs that help themselves to the prime positions in the garden, begging to be noticed, so they can be used as they were meant to be.

I am amazed at the uses of the many medicinal weeds that grow abundantly in our gardens. Radium weed is one of these, an annual weed common throughout Australia; it was introduced from Europe in the 1800’s.

Historically, it has been used for treatment of warts, corns and skin cancers.

What is Radium Weed?

Radium weed Euphorbia peplus, is also known as petty spurge, milkweed and cancer weed. It has branched stems with alternate oval leaves, the yellow green flowers are inconspicuous, and the stem when broken produces a milky corrosive sap. The sap is the useful part of this plant, being used to burn off sun spots.

An Australian company called Peplin Biotech Pty Ltd is conducting research and developing a gel from the sap of Euphorbia peplus as a simple topical treatment for certain skin cancers, such as basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas.

An elderly gentleman who was partaking in the trials came to our nursery in search of radium weed. When the trials were finished he asked one of the doctors how he could continue the treatment which was having a positive effect on the skin cancers on his head, the doctor replied ‘Use the weed’.

Radium Weedradium plant

How to use Radium Weed

The milky sap can be applied to sunspots for 2-4 days. You do not need a lot of the sap just a drop on the area to be treated. The site will fester and be quite unsightly, followed by a scab, then fresh pink skin. Fresh aloe gel can be applied to aid healing.

Be careful when using radium weed Avoid contact with the eyes and internal membranes. The sap is corrosive and will burn sensitive soft tissue.

CAUTION: Please get you skin cancers checked by a doctor to determine the type you have before proceeding with this treatment.

Growing Radium Weed

Euphorbia peplus self seeds readily throughout the garden, it will grow in poor soils and difficult positions, but grows better in a well watered position in sun to semi sun. It grows much more abundantly throughout the cooler months of the year here in South East Queensland and in the warmer parts of Australia. In cooler southern states it will grow through summer.

Know your Weeds

Another useful herb chickweed grows profusely at the same time that radium weed grows. Chickweed is a nutritious and soothing herb that can be eaten as well as applied to sore, dry itching skin to bring relief. If you pick radium weed Euphorbia peplus accidently along with the chickweed, thinking it is all chickweed you could be adding a corrosive substance to your cream/oil/meal instead of the soothing chickweed you thought you picked.

Be sure you know what you are picking when it comes to using weeds from your garden!

Price: $5.50

Radium Weed

All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only.
Please seek professional advice before commencing any treatment.

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posted on September 26th, 2010

  • http://radiumweed rikki thompson

    I have used it for the last 7 days on my cheek and nose. One drop a day on each spot. It works well. It seems as if it has penitrated well into my nose, as it is very tender on the inside. My thinking is that it also had cancer there, as that is all it will attack. Now on the 11th day my face is looking excellent with new pink skin.

    • Sandra

      Hi Rikki good to hear you are getting results!

  • Phillip

    Greetings all.
    Does anybody know of any local GP’s who are
    using Radium Weed sap as treatment for
    Skin Cancers ( BCC & SCC ) and are available for consultations. Holistic Medicin Doctors.
    cheers from Phil.

  • Melba

    Please, people, DON’T treat your own skin cancers without medical supervision!! Melanoma, a type of skin cancer, can kill you in a few weeks. There are many types of skin cancer and only experts can diagnose them correctly. My father had skin cancers so I have some experience with this. The other crucial point is that the cancer does not necessarily develop in the same location as the sunspot, so you would not know that it was there. PLEASE consult a dermatologist or oncologist if you have any sunspots or moles which change colour, get bigger, or otherwise show any changes.
    I’m not being alarmist – you can check this info at numerous reputable sites:

    Melanoma kills over 1,000 Australians every year. Beware of tanning beds (solariums) which have the same effect as exposure to the sun. This story may interest you:

  • Heidi

    @ Melba

    i’m sure anyone worried about skincancer ended up (sooner or later) on one of the sites you promote … but this article gives hope without FEAR!!! like oncologists like to spread. so it put me off to find your comment on here! it’s ppl like you who threaten natural remedies! not everyone believes in ‘gods in white’.

    @Admin- THANKS for the article! just what i needed to read!

  • stuart

    I chose to use cancema on my skin cancers rather than what te doctor had to offer – doctors visit 1-2 weeks , referal to dermatologost 4- 6 weeks , return to doctor for results 1 week , referal to surgon 2 weeks , return to doctor for results , possible return to surgon etc. etc . How much damage can skin cancer do in that time .And if your lucky they get it all .Cancema destroys skin cancer in 24 hours.

  • Helen

    I think you first need to have your skin checked by a qualified medical practitioner. Absolutely, melanoma requires serious supervised attention, but I think that euphorbia peplus can be useful for AKs and BCCs, but use carefully and see a doctor later to see if it has worked. It may need follow up.

  • Melba

    I can’t believe the complacency of some of these comments! How do you KNOW if you have AK or BCC or melanoma?? You are self-diagnosing without any training!

    I don’t want to spread fear but KNOWLEDGE, and I DON’T “believe in ‘gods in white’”. Doctors are not gods, but people with many years of education and experience, and cancer is immensely complex. It is not wise to attempt to diagnose yourself.

    Of course doctors make mistakes, nobody knows that better than I do, but even so I would never ignore their expertise on a topic as sensitive as cancer.

    Of course you should inform yourself, read as much as possible, and remain open to new ideas, and if you are unhappy with your doctor you should get a second or third opinion.

    I know what I’m talking about.

    Prostate cancer killed my father, pancreatic cancer killed my brother-in-law, one of my uncles has survived bowel cancer, and one of my brothers had 3 kinds of cancer. In these cases, doctors had both successes and failures. In other cases, doctors saved my life on at least two occasions, and they also saved my son’s life. Medical science is not perfect, but it is better than superstition and ignorance.

    With sincerest best wishes,
    Melba :)

  • Bev Hobson

    I am a great bleiever in herbal medicine as you will see if you visit my website.I am sure they would’nt put radium weed on the news as a new cancer breakthrough if it was’nt true.I am going to see a Doctor about my skincancers but it will be my choice to treat it myself with radium weed

  • Anne

    I have a lesion I’m considering putting milk week on; but am uncertain. I’ve used it before, with great success; but as the ‘lesion’ seems a little roar (open); I’m not sure whether I should use the radium or cansema; or see a doctor. Any comments. Anne

  • Max

    One warning about E. peplus when using it on your face. It will burn your eyes. Do you have long hair? Be very careful that it does not touch where you have dabbed E. peplus because it may then fly into your eyes.

    Anywhere else, go for it. Melanoma has raised edges so be sure.

    There is now a cream made from this weed to burn everything untoward off your face. It’s patented and made in QLD.

  • Fiona

    I have seen several skin specialists and have had a meanoma surgically removed and BCC & SCC skin cancers repeatedly burnt off, cut out, skin graft and lazered, these keep growing back, the last time I saw a specialist my next option was to have radiation. After doing extensive resaerch myself I have decided to try the milk weed, it is day three and I have applied the sap each morning. There is quite a lot of swelling and a definate reaction, I am well awear of the type of skin cancers I am using this on from biopsy results (both BCC & SCC) and given my lack of alternatives I am hopeful for a positive response. I will post again in a months time when the results will be more obvious, cheers fi

  • Kristine

    I use cansema / black-salve on my skin cancers and it works so well. It does not matter what type of cancer it is (melanoma, basal cell carcinoma etc.), they all come out roots and all. I would never see a plastic surgeon, dermatologist etc regarding my skin cancers as they can only guess as to how far the ‘roots’ may extend. Kristine

    • jinty

      it is a great little herb…i have used it successfully but never knew what it’s name was! thank you!