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Herbal First Aid for Gardeners

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We are out in the garden a lot at this time of the year; it’s a good time for getting lots of planting done and tidying up before the hot days of summer arrive.

Along with the satisfaction of getting lots of gardening jobs done come the common problems associated, such as sore and tired muscles, insect stings, cuts scrapes and sunburn.

Herbs offer us some simple first aid remedies.

Sore muscles

After a big day in the garden, try a bath with fresh rosemary added. Take a generous handful of rosemary cut fresh from the bush, place it in a sock or a face washer and tie with string. Place under the hot water tap while filling the bath squeezing to release the essential oils. Some rolled oats can be added along with the rosemary to help soothe and soften the skin.

Insect bites

For bee stings, dab with a little honey or essential oil of lavender.

Spider bites are relieved by bruising a fresh plantain leaf cover the sting cover with gauze or sticking plaster to hold in place, change leaf twice a day. This will reduce the pain, swelling and inflammation.

Bumps and bruises

A poultice of comfrey will reduce inflammation, swelling and speeds cell renewal for sprains, strains and broken bones.

Homeopathic Arnica is always at the front of our first aid kit it reduces inflammation, swelling and bruises.

Cuts and scrapes

A bruised yarrow leaf applied to minor cuts will stop bleeding; it will also help to speed healing and reduce pain.

Calendula made into an infusion can be used as an antiseptic and healing wash for cuts and scrapes.

Burns and Sunburn

The inner gel of Aloe can be scooped out and applied to burns and sunburn to remove heat and start the healing process.

Comfrey poultice is also quite effective as is pure essential oil of lavender.

If you have any favourite first aid remedies you would like to share. Please leave a comment.

posted on October 3rd, 2010

  • jinty

    I have used the inner gel of the Aloe Vera plant to neutralise the bacteria of a wolf spider bite as well as being very effective on a white tail spider bite.
    Lavender is fabulous to take away the pain of the jumping jack ant bites.
    Aloe vera for burns is best used after ice and cooling has been attended to…it can “cook” a burn even more otherwise.