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5 Reasons Herbs in Pots are HOT!

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herbs in pots

I have added a few more pots to the garden in recent weeks. With all the rain we have been having, some of my herbs have become a little sad and soggy. Thyme and sage are two that have suffered with wet feet, so I planted some in pots and placed them in my garden, not too far away from the tap so when the weather is hot and dry they can be easily watered.

1. Controlled conditions

Planting herbs in pots allows you to control the conditions the herbs are exposed to. When there is continual rain, you can move them under cover to reduce the amount of water they receive. The pots can also be moved to suit the light requirements when the sun changes its path in the different seasons.

2. Controlled growth

Planting herbs in pots also allows you to control the growth of the herb. Assorted mints, lemon balm, comfrey, gotu kola or swamp pennywort, brahmi curry leaf tree, elder and st john’s wort all spread by underground runners. Growing these herbs in pots keeps them from taking advantage of your garden. Large trees like Bay, Ginkgo, Juniper and Curry leaf make great pot specimens and allow you to grow them in a smaller space or garden.

3. Accessibility

Growing herbs in pots allows you to place them within easy access to the kitchen. Having herbs close to the kitchen means you will make use of them more often to flavour your meals. You can even bring them into a well lit kitchen for a few days before moving them outside again.

4. Lack of space

If you live in a unit or apartment growing herbs in pots and containers is the only alternative. You can grow quite a lot of plants on a small balcony by using pots. Climbing herbs and vegetables can be planted in pots or planter boxes and trained up the railing. Hanging baskets and window boxes can be used to make use of space and allowing for a multi –level garden.

5. Change the look

You need never become bored with the look of your garden. Growing some herbs in pots allows you to change the look of the garden, they can be moved to suit your mood, group them together or place them in a row along a pathway. You can also use pots of herbs to fill in spaces in the garden until other plants have matured.

If there are any other reasons you like to grow your herbs in pots let us know.

posted on November 3rd, 2010

  • Cat

    What a great site! I am renting an apartment and desperately wanted a herb garden so am always trying to learn how best to grow in pots. As I don’t know much about gardening, I find it easier for me to grow only one or two herbs per pot, so I don’t ruin them by putting them with another plant that will take them over or something. Pots are good for a novice gardener :)

  • Betty

    Congratulation,is a great help for person like me I do not much about plant