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Homemade Christmas Decorations using Herbs

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lavender ball decoration

I have been busy making herby decorations for Christmas gifts. The first one I tackled was lavender balls. These look and smell lovely hanging from theChristmas tree. The hardest part of this project was finding the right polystyrene balls. I think everyone has started their projects before me because there were only really small balls or really big balls left in a lot of stores. After searching around 6 different craft supply stores I finally found some a suitable size.

You Need

Polystyrene balls (I used 65mm)

craft glue

dried lavender flowers

purple ribbon 6mm wide

Purple organza ribbon 25mm wide


soft paint brush

bamboo skewers


To Make

Lay newspaper on your work surface to catch any glue spills.

On a plate put a thick layer of dried lavender flowers.

making lavender balls

Paint half the polystyrene ball with craft glue, roll in lavender to cover.

Push the skewer into the middle of area that has been covered, this will provide you with something to hold the ball, cover the other half with glue and roll in lavender.

Let dry overnight.

glue lavender balls

The next day, dab glue onto the areas that have spaces where the polystyrene can still be seen, and push lavender into the spaces.

Once the ball is completely covered, leave to dry.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 20cm long.

Remove skewer from ball and insert glue into the hole where the skewer was.

Fold the ribbon in half to create a loop to hang the ball. Push the 2 cut ends into the glue filled hole with the skewer.

Once the glue has dried, tie a bow with the organza ribbon around the base of the looped ribbon, and you’re done.

Wrap these fragrant baubles in clear cellophane gathered at the top with ribbon or raffia and a cute gift tag.

posted on December 17th, 2010