It’s Christmas time . time for a work BBQ

We had a great afternoon, good food and conversation.


Some of our hard working staff. Anita - packs the herb plant orders, Janine picks out the herbs for the plant orders and Christine - packs the dried herb orders.

christmas table setting

The table is set ready for a feast.

haloumi with thyme and lime

Haloumi  cheese marinated in fresh chopped thyme, lime zest and olive oil.

chicken kebabs with kaffir lime

Chicken  marinated  in turmeric, ginger, lime and chilli then cut into cubes and wrapped in kaffir lime leaves then skewered.

 stir fried vegetables

Quick stir fried vegetables

corn with oregano and smoke paprika butter

Corn with oregano and smoked paprika butter.

potato bake with sage and nutmeg

Potato bake with chopped sage and topped with fresh grated nutmeg.

herb salad

Salad of lettuce and herbs such as mushroom plant, sambung, garden sorrel, chives, dandelion, amaranth, nasturtium, salad burnet, wild rocket etc.

panettone bread and butter pudding

Panettone bread and butter pudding

fresh fruit platter

And a platter of fresh fruits.