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Asian Greens - Giant Red Mustard

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You will receive
- 1 Giant Red Mustard Herb Plant in a 50 X 75mm tube - General growing instructions

All of our Herb Plants are grown organically with certified organic potting mixes and fertilizers

Asian Greens - Giant Red Mustard
Botanical Name: Brassica juncea

Giant Red Mustard is a large, leafy vegetable which may reach up to 90cm in height. The leaf colour is striking and the rich red- purple, deeply textured leaves are contrasted by the bright green of the central vein. The leaves are tender and succulent, while the stems are crunchy. Its origins are in China, as with the many other mustard greens which are often naturalized in Japan. This is a very attractive dual use plant for any garden, even if it never finds a use in the kitchen.

Growing Conditions

Giant Red Mustard is a hardy plant that can grow in full sun to part shade. It requires moist, but well drained fertile soil. All mustard greens, but especially the red varieties, are considered to be cool season annuals. When mature, it is capable of growing under snow coverage in cold climates as long as temperatures remain above freezing. This vegetable green is an annual plant that readily self seeds, but new seed can be planted when required. Harvesting is possible all year in the right climate, with seeds best planted in spring and autumn when it is not too hot or too cold. Giant Red Mustard may be harvested 6-8 weeks from planting. It is slow to bolt, which is beneficial in warm regions. Plants should be spaced from 3 to 20cm apart, depending on whether leaves will be harvested young or when mature.

Culinary Uses

Giant Red Mustard is the spiciest of the mustard greens and tastes a little like horse radish. It can be used fresh or raw and has many uses including as pickles, vegetable and fruit dishes, in soups, green salads and in stir fry dishes. Blend the leaves with oil to make a hot mustard sauce. For a milder taste, harvest young leaves at about 15cm in length. Prior to use, the leaves can be immersed in water for 5 minutes after picking them, in order to allow them to ‘plump up.’

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