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How to use 2019 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide

The Astrological Calendar and Moon Planting Guides for 2019 have arrived Yippeeee!

While moon planting and Astrology is not everybody's cup of tea, it is certainly interesting observing the results in the garden.

I love to read Thomas's take on what is happening in the world and how he sees the planets fit into it all.

This is a popular calendar and lists the daily sun and moon placements by zodiac sign. As well as information on planting and gardening by the moon.

You can even organise your activities and find the best time to start a project or make important decisions.

There is so much information on the poster. I have included some information below which I hope will help you to understand how the calendar works.

It is a great poster and an excellent gift for the gardener. 

2019 Astrological Calendar and Moon Planting Guide

This calendar designed by Thomas Zimmer especially for use in the Southern Hemisphere is full of astrological information such as moon phase, equinox, solstice and eclipse dates and times, including annual planting by the moon guides as well as an astrological commentary on the year to come.

It can be used by anyone, you don't need to understand Astrology although using this calendar will increase your knowledge of it.

The Astrological Calendar and Moon Planting guide is a must for gardeners with information about the best time to plant, weed, fertilise, compost and control pests.

Not only essential for gardeners it also gives us insight into the best time for certain activities such as
- having a party - try moon in ♒️Aquarius
- jobs that need attention to detail - try moon in ♍️Virgo
- attend to legal matters when the moon is in ♑️Capricorn
While we do not have to plan our lives around it, it can help us to understand why some things work better at a certain time.

The Moon Phases

moon phases

On the poster, the moon phases are represented on the outside of the circle.

The Moon's gravitational pull affects the movement of water on the Earth. We see this clearly with the tides at their fullest during a full moon and their lowest during a new moon. The moon also affects the surface tension of moisture in the soil, something we can't clearly see, but can take advantage of when deciding on the best time to plant. There is also an effect on the flow of water through plants. Sap moves more vigorously during the waxing phase as the moon grows to full, and slows down as the moon wanes towards the new moon.

The Moon Phases can help us to determine the best time to do things in our gardens.

1st Quarter Phase

The New Moon (dark moon) is increasing in light, it looks like it is growing bigger, this is known as a waxing moon.
Water in the Earth is starting to be drawn up at this time, we will see the tides start increasing in height. This means the moisture is increasing in the soil.

  • The first quarter phase starts 12 hours after the exact New Moon
  • It finishes 12 hours before the First quarter moon
  • This is the best time for planting leafy annuals such as basil, parsley, coriander, dill and rocket.
  • It’s also a good time for applying liquid fertilisers and pruning and grafting, as increased sap flow produces new growth more quickly.

2nd Quarter Phase

The moon is still waxing, now showing more than half of its visible surface as light. As it gets closer to the full moon, the pull on the earth is increasing and the tides are reaching much higher levels. The moisture in the soil is increasing and so is the sap in the plants.

  • The 2nd quarter phase starts 12 hours after the first quarter moon and runs through to 12 hours before the exact full moon.
  • This is the best time to plant fruiting annuals such as tomatoes, beans, chillies, red clover, chamomile and calendula.
  • A good time for applying liquid fertilisers and pruning and grafting, as increased sap flow produces new growth more quickly.

3rd Quater Phase

The full moon has passed and will now decrease in light on its surface this is known as a waning moon. The tides have turned and will now start to decrease in height. There is still moisture in the earth and the sap is still high although the flow is drawing down. This focusses the energy towards the roots, which is more suited to root crops and perennials, plants that live longer than two years.

  • Runs from 12 hours after the exact full moon until 12 hours before the third quarter moon
  • This is the best time to plant root vegetables and perennials such as beetroot, carrots, onions, licorice, turmeric, ginger, rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano.
  • Take cuttings and divide plants. Apply solid fertiliser and harvest for storage.

4th Quarter Phase

More than half of the visible surface of the moon is now in darkness. The tides will soon be at their lowest and the sap in plants has slowed. This phase is viewed as low in vitality and planting is not recommended now.

  • Starts 12 hours after the third quarter moon and runs through to 12 hours before the exact new moon.
  • Do not do any planting during this time
  • This is a good time to do mowing, weeding, composting, mulching and insect control. Apply solid fertilisers and prune to restrain growth.

The Astrological Signs

astrological signs

The above astrological symbols are found on the outside of the outside ring of the poster. These symbols show us when the moon is in that sign.

This helps us to determine the best time to plant within the appropriate moon phase as some signs are more fertile than others.

Fertile Signs - these signs are the best for planting.

The 3 Water signs are the most fertile signs these are ♋️Cancer, ♏️Scorpio and ♓️Pisces.

Semi Fertile Signs - are the second best signs to plant in.

The Earth signs ♉️Taurus and ♑️Capricorn along with the Air sign ♎️Libra are all semi-fertile signs.

Barren signs - Avoid planting in these signs. Other garden jobs can be done in these signs.

The barren signs are the Air signs ♊️Gemini and ♒️Aquarius, the Fire signs ♈️Aries, ♌️Leo and ♐️Sagittarius and the Earth sign ♍️Virgo

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