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Lavender - Linda Ligon Lavender

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- 1 Linda Ligon Lavender Herb Plant in a 50 X 75mm tube - General growing instructions

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Linda Ligon Lavender
Botanical Name: Lavandula dentata

Lavandula dentata ‘Linda Ligon’ is a desirable, and rare, variegated lavender growing up to 90cm. Its fragrant, green leaves have a finer texture than the parent or normal L. dentata, which is also called French or Fringed Lavender. In this plant, the leaves are more fern like, but retain the fringed appearance. The variegation is irregular and appears as a speckling of cream on top of the green leaves, rather than being a blend of cream and green foliage. In warm regions ‘Linda Ligon’ will flower most of the year, even throughout winter. The fragrant, blue flowers may be used as cut flowers or dried for display.

This lavender is thought to be the first of only two variegated lavender cultivars. It is named after the lavender loving Linda Ligon, who established the Herb Companion Magazine several decades ago. As with all lavenders, this variety is a good bee and butterfly attractant. Other names for this plant include ‘Fern Leaf Crème Green’ and ‘Variegated French Lavender’.

Growing Conditions

Lavender ‘Linda Ligon’ prefers full sun and is tolerant of hot and dry environments. Water requirements are low to medium and the soil should be well drained. Most soil types are acceptable, but heavy clay soil may result in poor performance. Dry, alkaline soils are often a good choice. In cold regions of the world this lavender may function as an annual plant, but it is generally evergreen. The foliage may revert to green on some branches, but these can simply be removed.

To protect the plant in frost prone areas, the plant may be planted in a container and used as an indoor plant. At least 5 hours of sunlight is required for it to bloom indoors over winter. When the right position is found, Lavender ‘Linda Ligon’ will function well as container plant. Propagation is via stem cuttings taken from the tender shoots with 3-5 nodes, about 4-10 cm long. Seeds are very slow to germinate.

There are many types of lavender and cultivars derived from individual species. For more information about the parent plant for ‘Linda Ligon’ please see our listing for Lavandula dentata (French Lavender).

All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Please seek professional advice before commencing any treatment.


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