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Asian Greens - Mizuna Purple

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Less than 15 Available

Mizuna Purple is a leafy vegetable that has attractive serrated leaves and purple markings.

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Asian Greens - Mizuna Purple
Botanical Name: Brassica rapa, Japonica group

Mizuna Purple is a striking leafy vegetable from the popular selection of Mustard Greens. It is highly ornamental, with bright purple tones to mid green, serrated leaves. The purple extends through the leaf up the stem, into the veins and around the deeply serrated edges. The mature height is usually 25cm by 45cm wide, although leaves may be quite loosely bunched. As the plant matures the purple colour intensifies. It has a mild, spicy mustard taste.

Mizuna Purple has the botanical designation of Brassica rapa var. nipposinica and is easy to identify given the distinct leaf structure and pattern. There is another variety called Mizuna Dark Purple which is a variety of Mizuna Purple with up to 25% full purple leaves, combined with the two toned leaves of this variety. They are both quite recent developments in Mizuna breeding, especially considering that Mizuna has been cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years.

More information on the Mizuna group of vegetables and their health benefits may be found on our Mizuna species listing.

Growing Conditions

Mizuna Purple prefers full sun to part shade, with good water supply. It prefers free draining soil, rich in nitrogen. Like most Mizuna Greens, it is tolerant of both heat and cold, as long as there is sufficient water during the hot months. Wet conditions are preferable for best performance, with very dry circumstances leading to stunted growth. Plants may bolt to seed if the weather is too hot or too cold, although Mizuna Purple is slower to bolt than other varieties. The purple colour becomes more pronounced be as the temperature reaches warm conditions. It takes about 20 days for young leaves to be ready for harvest and 40 days for the plant to mature. This Mizuna is highly ornamental and adds a touch of drama to any garden display.

Culinary Uses

Mizuna Purple may be used just like any salad green, especially the young leaves. The crispy texture of the fresh leaves also adds a touch of purple colour to salads. It may also be used in stir fries, soups and stews like other leafy green vegetables.

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