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Rhubarb Root

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Rhubarb Root
Rheum palmatum

In Turkey Rhubarb is considered a safe and simple purgative which has been used extensively in the past to quickly empty the bowels with no after-constipation effects. Rhubarb Root acts both as a laxative in cases of constipation, and as an astringent in cases of diarrhea. Helps purge the liver of toxic buildup and waste.

High cholesterol. Rhubarb Root is also used as a mild appetite stimulant. Is also useful as a mouthwash for mouth ulcers. A decoction can be made by putting ½-1tsp of the root to a cup of water, bring to the boil and simmer 10 min. May colour the urine bright yellow or red. One of the four herbs in the Herbal formula Essiac.


Bitter stomachic, mild Purgative, Astringent, Antibacterial


Intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain of unknown origin, or any inflammation of the intestines. Persons with a history or tendency of kidney stones or inflammation or gallstones. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. Pregnancy and lactation.

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