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Grow Your Health

Many years ago we used to visit a cafe in Burleigh that had the most delicious zucchini bacon muffins. I hinted that I would love the recipe ..but it was a well-kept secret. So I set off on a quest to produce a delicious savoury muffin, only mine would contain plenty of herbs and omit the bacon. 

The cool fresh mornings and warm sunny days herald the start of Spring. Some of the early flowering annuals such as calendula, Californian poppy and the many salvias are buzzing with native and european bees. It is a great time to garden. 

Preserved lemons are easy to make and are a great way to make use of the abundance of lemons at this time of year. They keep well for more than a year. 
Nourishing herbal infusions are a great way of getting minerals from your herbs. Read the blog where we show you our method, as well as giving you some knowledge, tips and tricks to get the best result.
This health tonic is easy to make at home from ingredients you are likely to have on hand.
Picture this: Your garden is looking magnificent, the herbs are all healthy and happy, it's all going well... then along comes Jack Frost!!! ❄️
This nutritious herb has been a favourite of the French used in many classic French dishes. Bernaise and Ravigote sauces are flavoured by chervil. When a recipe calls for "Pluches de cerfeuille" -- it is leaves of chervil that are required.
To satisfy my winter craving for basil, now is the time to cut the bush back by about a third and use all those flavour filled leaves in a batch of pesto.
There are many herbs that just don't hang around all year. Drying herbs allows you to enjoy them after they are long gone or while they are taking their winter break.
Elderberry syrup is a great way to get the benefits of elderberries in a delicious way. It is simple to make and you only really need three ingredients; elderberries, water and sugar (or honey).