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Musk Mallow

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- 1 Musk Mallow Herb Plant in a 50 X 75mm tube - General growing instructions

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Musk Mallow
Botanical Name: Malva moschata

Musk Mallow is an herbaceous perennial growing from 50cm to 1 meter by approximately 60cm wide. The plant forms a bush like clump, with the hairy stems reaching 15- 90cm forming a woody branching base. The mid-green leaves are palm shaped and also hairy. They are held in alternate positions and reach from 2-8cm long by 2-8cm wide. There are 5-7 lobes on each leaf, with the lower leaves having shallowly divided lobes, while the upper leaf lobes become deeply divided.

The Musk Mallow has scented flowers that are held in clusters at the end of long stems, for a long period over summer. Each bright pink flower is 3-5cm diameter, with 5 petals notched in the centre. The fruit is a distinctive schizocarp covered in white hairs and containing 10-16 seeds. The foliage is faintly and pleasantly musk scented and the flowers have a lustrous satin sheen, like all the Mallows. It is no wonder that Musk Mallow is highly valued in the flower garden. There are numerous cultivars with different flower colours, including white and deep pink.

Musk Mallow is native to Europe, south west Asia, Spain, the British Isles, southern Russia and Turkey. It grows from sea level up to 1500 meters in a range of habitats, but preferring open sunny areas in dry but fertile soils. It has been introduced and naturalised in many regions with temperate climates, including Scandinavia, New Zealand, North America and Australia.

The Malvaceae or mallow family of plants is large, having over 1000 species, with most found in tropical regions of the world. The name is from the Greek ‘malate’ meaning soft and was given due to the softening and healing qualities of the plants. Many are common garden plants and include the hibiscus, hollyhock and other mallows; Common Mallow and Marsh Mallow. Musk Mallow is considered to be one of the nicest of the Mallow family of plants. However, for it is inferior to Marsh Mallow and Common Mallow for herbal medicine.

Please also see our Common Mallow and Marsh Mallow listings for further information.

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