Autumn is Here

Autumn brings welcome relief from the heat of Summer. It is traditionally a harvesting time for herbs such as chillies, basil, echinacea, turmeric and ginger.

Make pesto from your basil plants, chilli oil from your chillis, or flavour your warming meals with a sprinkle of turmeric or ginger.
Create tinctures with the herbs that will soon be dying back for use through winter. Blend some herb teas for coughs and colds from dried herbs and make a supply of elderberry syrup to help ward off the coming winter flu. Store them in the freezer for winter-long flavour.

Time to Harvest

It is the perfect time to harvest and dry or freeze herbs that are in abundance now, but will only be a memory of summer when winter comes around. Read our blog on how to harvest, dry and store your herbs this Autumn.

Elderberry Syrup for Anti Viral & Immunity Benefits

Elderberry syrup is a great way to get the benefits of elderberries in a delicious way. It is simple to make and you only really need three ingredients; elderberries, water and sugar (or honey).

Time to plant a few of these!

It’s time to get out and plant calendula, chamomile, chervil, coriander, kale and Asian greens. Autumn is a pleasurable time to garden and can be a great time to start a herb and vegetable garden. All of these varieties are great for planting in Autumn. Some are available right now, while the rest will be in stock over the next few weeks as they become available.

Spicy Chicken Salad Recipe

Spicy Chicken Salad on Betel Leaves is loosely based on the Thai dish - Miang kham, this is a traditional snack in parts of Southeast Asia. Come on a flavourful journey with us as we share the perfect spicy kick for Autumn.. you're going to want to grab seconds!

Autumn-inspired Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


Kitchen Spice


Autumn Breeze

Add your choice of oil blends to the water of your diffuser and turn on… enjoy!

The Ultimate Guide

How to start a Herb Garden

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