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Salvia corrugata

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This is how we pack and send your Herb Plants to all states except TAS & WA

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You will receive
- 1 Salvia corrugata Herb Plant in a 50 X 75mm tube - General growing instructions

All of our Herb Plants are grown organically with certified organic potting mixes and fertilizers

Salvia corrugata
Botanical Name:

Salvi corrugata is a medium sized perennial shrub growing to approximately 1.2 meters high, with a similar spread. The dark green leaves have an olive tone and a distinctive quilting or texture. The leaves grow to 10cm long and 3 cm wide, tapering to a fine point. There are light veins on the surface and pale tan coloured hairs on the underside, giving a cottony texture. The 2.5 cm summer flowers are a brilliant blue-purple, with small dark purple and green calyces. They grow in tight whorls of 6-12 flowers, with 4 small upright inflorescences in each cluster.

It can grow up to 2.5 meters in its native habitat of the Columbia, Peru and Ecuador, where it thrives in the Andes Mountains at 8000 to 8900 feet. The plant was introduced into the horticultural world in 2000 after being collected from South America in 1988. All the plants in cultivation are descended from the 6 seeds that germinated from all that were collected. The name ‘corrugata’ refers to the corrugations in the leaf texture. However it has also been called Ribbed Sage or Purple Sage for the flowers.

Growing Conditions

Salvia corrugata is reported to be a quick and easy growing plant. It likes full sun and regular water, with rich, well drained soils. Given these conditions the plant stays in bloom for long periods. It is well tested in cold weather, surviving Australian conditions with a good frost and cold tolerance. The plant is said to be evergreen with no mention of leaf loss in cold conditions. It is also said to tolerate heat well.

Regular pruning of the new growth tips will help to keep the size of the plant controlled. However, the growth habit is quite dense and bushy in normal circumstances. Despite the size of the plant it is said to be excellent in containers.

The salvia family has over 900 members with an extensive history as culinary, medicinal and ornamental plants. Ornamental salvias have become collectorsí items, as gardeners try to find a place in their garden for each and every one. There are salvias that will suit every type of soil and climate. More information on the Salvia genus and Common Sage (Salvia officinalis) may be found on our Common Sage page.

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