Keeping your Cool with Herbs in Summer

Keeping your Cool with Herbs in Summer

Summer is here, and our bodies will need some cool relief! Herbs have many different effects, some herbs are warming and some are cooling by nature. Many traditional healing systems such as Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine value the energetics of herbs and their effects on our bodies. Here are some herbs we can use throughout the summer months to keep our cool.
 leaves are cooling and can help our digestion. Simply add the leaves to a fresh salad to enjoy before the rest of a meal to stimulate digestion.

lemon balm
Lemon balm is a cooling nervine herb, it makes a tasty tea and can soothe the emotions on a hot day.
aloe vera
Aloe Vera is a cooling moistening herb, great for hot dry conditions such as minor burns and sunburn, insect bites and any inflammation.

Nettle is rich in minerals, it is a nourishing cooling herb. It can be cooked like spinach, added to smoothies, made into tea, or the best way to get all the minerals is to make a nourishing herbal infusion.


Peppermint contains menthol this leaves a cooling sensation in our mouths and on our skin. All of the mints are cooling so if you have some growing start adding it to your fruits, salads and drinks.

Along with herbs, there are many foods to cool such as rockmelon, watermelon, plums, peaches, nectarines and berries in season, lovely green salads, cucumber, celery and avocado.

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