Spring in the Garden

It's Spring! Our favourite time of year. The calendula flowers are in full bloom - reflections of the sun that warm you just by their presence. The bees love the orange flowers and I think they have trouble deciding whether they prefer calendulas or nasturtiums!

Now's the time to get things done!
Enjoy the sun, get out in the garden and take a look at our top Spring tips, recipes and plants below to grow your health with herbs & get your garden looking GREAT!

Preserving Lemons

Why not try something special this spring? Quite popular in African, Indian and English cuisines, preserved lemons are used to add salt and brightness to dressings, stews and other dishes. Here's a quick guide to make your own - it's quite easy!

Grow your Garden Bundle

Now is the time to start fresh! Our Grow your Garden bundle has everything you need to breathe life into a struggling garden, or to start anew. One of our most popular products, and the perfect pack for Spring!

Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Nourishing herbal infusions are a great way of getting minerals from your herbs. Read the blog below where we show you our method, as well as giving you some knowledge, tips and tricks to get the best result.

Dried Herbs for Infusions

To get the most out of a Herbal Infusion, make sure you pick one of our top 3 most nourishing dried herbs to start with! Always remember to consult your doctor before taking Herbal Infusions. The majority of our dried herbs are organic or wildcrafted variants.

Preparing your Garden for Spring

Everyone always goes on about how important Spring is for your garden. They're not wrong! View our guide to prepare your garden best for Spring, as well as our picks for the best herbs to plant and what to do to ensure happy & healthy growth throughout your garden.

Top Herb Plants for Spring

Now is the time!
Make sure you stock up on these warmth-loving plants for a thriving springtime garden. Love Basils, Turmeric and chillies? Now's your time!

Please note, most of our spring varieties have been propagated, and will become available over the next few weeks. Be sure to sign up for a stock notification to be the first to know. Just head to the product page, and click "notify me when available". 

Spring Essentials

Spruce up your gardening and herbal knowledge, and share the love with your family! Kickstart your garden with some of our spring essentials, including books, bundles and high quality garden tools.

Spring-inspired Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Scents of Spring

Flower Power

Fresh Start

Spring Clean

Add your choice of oil blends to the water of your diffuser and turn on… enjoy!

The Ultimate Guide

How to start a Herb Garden

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